Sunday, March 5, 2017

Operation Craft Room Part 1

Hi all,

  Time sure does fly by!  In a blink my daughter has gone from needing a playroom to hold all her Littlest Pet Shop, Polly Pockets, crayons and coloring books to a beautiful young lady who is more interested in sketch books, you tube, and clogging practice.  So, we have decided to turn that little girls playroom into a fun craft room for us to share and create in.

  I meant to take a picture of the play room before any moving around began, but I thought about it a little too late and took a picture after some clearing out had already begun.

  I plan to repaint the armoire, and fill it full of crafting goodies!
I'm seeing a sewing curtains project in the near future here!

I plan to clear out the old toy bin and put a nice wall decoration that I saw on Pinterest made with pallets.

  I was discussing my craft room ideas with my husband and said I wanted to have a table the my daughter and I could both sit at and would hold my sewing machine and cricut.  After a long day at work I came home with a surprise from him….

  I was thrilled!  He is just tinkering around with wood working and learning as he goes, but I'd say pretty good job for just a quick discussion of what I was going for.  He even tried painting it the colors I mentioned.  It's a bit too turquoise for me, but nothing a bit of robin's egg blue won't cover.  I'm so appreciative of the thoughtfulness and time he took to do this!  The rug is going to go, but will leave it there until after I put another coat of paint.

  More to come as the room transfers into my creative oasis!

Happy creating!!


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