Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hi all,
   Pretty eventful day at our house yesterday....

  I told DD that I would take her to the pool today after lunch. I opened the garage door to head out and there was a big black snake flickering his tongue! I slammed the door shut and thankfully DH was home. I yelled there's a big snake! He went out the front door to try to take care of it. I went with him to help. Didn't take time to change because I didn't want it to lose site of it since it was in the garage. There I was in my bathing suit with my long wrap and LL Bean boots! We found it in the corner near a tote curled up. After some debating on our strategy, I volunteered to stand on a cooler with a LONG broom to shoo it out while he waited to kill it! 

  Normally I would say leave a black snake alone, as that most likely means we don't have a poisonous snake around, but once they mosey into our domain all bets are off! Glad we killed it because we discovered it was carrying 20 eggs!!!! I just know I'm going to have nightmares!

  I'm sure DH and I would have died laughing if we had of seen ourselves. We were a site!  Me wielding a broom, in my bathing suit and wrap wearing my DH's very large LL Bean Boots, standing on top of that cooler while DH (6' 2" large muscular man, who hates snakes just as bad as I do) is yelling, "Are you ready?" I reply, "Are you ready?" He says again, "Ok, are you ready?" I then say, "Wait, we're doing what now?"  Thank goodness he's a go getter in these situations though despite his feeling of snakes.  My hero!!  I don't know what I would have done if he hadn't been home yet.  Probably just never gone in the garage again!  

  My neighbor (who evidently witnessed my ensemble from a couple of houses over) said later....Um...I thought that was an interesting choice for the pool! 

  Gracious!  I can laugh at this now and I'm sure will make a funny story for years to come. :)

Hoping for a nice UNeventful day today!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Frugal Meal, thanks to Aldi! :) Chicken Parmigiana

Hi all,
I thought it could be fun to share frugal meals/recipes from the things purchased from Aldi. So here's what I cooked for our dinner tonight.

1 Chicken Parmagiana $2.69 (in freezer section)
1 Lettuce $.79 (two servings about $.20)
1 Tomato from 24oz bag about $.25
1/2 box of spaghetti (from Publix about $.45)

This fed our family of three for a grand total of about $3.69. I didn't figure the amount of dressing on mine and DD's salad or our drinks, but I'd say that's a pretty deliciously frugal meal! 


Monday, May 16, 2011

Shopping Trip for Aldi, Publix, Kroger 5/16/11

Hi all,
  I went to three stores yesterday to get all my bargains.  First stop was Aldi.  Here's the breakdown:

2 Pineapples .99 ea
2 Cantaloupe .99 ea
2 Iceberg Lettuce .79 ea
Vine Tomatoes 24oz. $1.49
1 Gallon of milk $2.49
2- 6pk Frozen Parmagian Chicken $2.69 ea
1 Mayonaise $1.99
1-12oz Honey $2.49
1 dozen large eggs $1.35
1 Potato Chips $1.39
1 Cheese Puffs $1.19
2 Whole Wheat Bread $1.29 ea
2 Hamburger buns $.79 ea
2 Hot Dog Buns $.79 ea

Total OOP: $30.13

Next, I made a quick stop at Kroger:  

4- 16oz Mahatma rice 10/$10 = $4

Coupons used:
4- $.50/1  (Doubled)

Total OOP: $.07  

Woo Hoo!!!

  Last stop was Publix:

4- Yoplait Yogurt 2/$4 = $8.00
1-Publix shredded cheese = $3.19
1-HVR Dressing mix = $1.67
1-Publix Taco mix = $.45
1-OEP taco shells = $1.99
1-Publix canned Italian tomato = $.65
2-Publix brown gravy mix = $.49 ea = $.98
1-Double pack paper $3
3-Kraft Homestyle Mac n Cheese $1.30ea = $3.90

Subtotal: $23.83

Coupons Used:
3-$.50/1 Yoplait kids yogurt
2-$2/2 Publix Q Yoplait kids yogurt
3-$1/1 Kraft Homestyle Mac n Cheese

Total OOP: $15.30

So all in total I spent:  $45.50!!!  I think that's a load of food for that price.  With the items I have stockpiled already this will feed my family of 3 through the week, with some things left to spare. Love it!!! :)

Hope you all have a great week!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Great Target Shopping Trip! 5/11/11

Hi all,
  I thought I would share my great trip today at Target.

Here's the break down:

-3 Nivea Women's Body Wash $2.43 ea = $7.29
-3 Nivea Men's Body Wash $2.43 ea = $7.29
-5 Carefree panty liners 20ct $.99 ea = $4.95

-1 Banana Boat Sunscreen Mist $4.96

Subtotal: $24.49 + tax

Coupons Used:
6- $3 off Nivea
3- Free Carefree
2- $.50 off Carefree (I made a mistake here...I thought these were free ones as well, so I actually ended up paying $.98 more then I thought I was going to...DOH! Oh well!)
Also received $.05 off for bringing my own bag.

Total OOP (Out Of Pocket): $4.18!!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  Saved: $26.56

I payed less then the original price for the sunscreen. ;)

Happy Shopping!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day 5/8/11

Hi all,
  I just wanted to wish all you mothers a Happy Mother's Day!!  I hope you all have a wonderful day with your families.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Making a Prayer Request List...

Hi all,
  In light of the devastation caused by the tornadoes that ripped through the south, I was inspired to begin a well overdo habit...Making a prayer request list.

 Living in Georgia I'm very close to many who lost loved ones and homes.  As a result, I'm finding that there  are so many that have asked to remember them in my prayers.  Those affected by the tornado as well as those who need prayer for things completely unrelated.

  Some of these requests are made by people I know personally, others are friends I have made in couponing forums and fellow bloggers, while some I have just read about and don't know at all.  While I do pray for those who have asked,  I feel compelled to be sure to just go ahead and actually write these requests down.  I want to make sure that I remember each and every one.  While I have my quiet time with God, I can take my list out and remember each and every request.

  This is also a great way to be sure to keep in touch with those who need lifting up.  I can shoot a quick email to ask how their sick loved one is, or if they are feeling better from an illness, or how their family members surgery went, or if someone got the job they were hoping for, etc.  Just let them know I am still thinking of them.

  Then, best of all, I can remember to thank God for all those miracles that I may not have heard about otherwise! :)

  I know it means a lot to have someone ask me how things are going, or to give me well wishes when I'm ill.

Praying for those in need,


P.S.  Feel free to leave a prayer request. :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stuffed Bell Peppers...So Delicious!

Hi all,
  Last night we had stuffed bell peppers.  They were so delicious!  It's one of our favorite meals.  Thanks to Aldi, I got a 3pk of large green peppers and 4 ears of fresh corn for $1.29 each.  I also fixed New York Texas Toast that I picked up this week at Publix  for $.47 (8ct box).

   Here's the breakdown for the Texas toast:
Toast was $1.27 - $.40 MQD = $.47

Note: M=Manufacturer, Q=Coupon, D=Doubled

I followed the recipe from another really great blogger.  If you haven't checked out The Beehive Cottage, you really should!  It's wonderful eye candy....you'll see! ;)  Here's the link to the Stuffed Bell Peppers.

I hope you enjoy!



Monday, May 2, 2011

Last night's Chicken Tacos...Mmm!

Hi all,
  Last night I tried a Betty Crocker recipe for Wild West Sizzlin' Chicken Tacos.  (just click the title of the recipe to be taken to the complete instructions) They were simply delicious!  The whole family loved them, and I will definitely have them again.  

  I did make a couple of adjustments.  DH does not care for beans, so I just didn't put any on his.  I had a packet of taco seasoning, so I used that on the chicken instead of the cumin and paprika.  Also, I didn't have any fresh red bell pepper, but I did have a jar of roasted red peppers in the fridge that worked beautifully.  

   I'm trying to build a nice collection of recipes to use for a menu plan.  When I find a good one like this, I'll add it to the collection.  Now that I know the family likes this, I will be sure to make up a big batch of chicken strips next time and freeze them in dinner size portions.  This is another strategy that I'm working on.  Building up my freezer with prepared ahead components of a dinner for quick meal preparation.  



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