Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hi all,
   Pretty eventful day at our house yesterday....

  I told DD that I would take her to the pool today after lunch. I opened the garage door to head out and there was a big black snake flickering his tongue! I slammed the door shut and thankfully DH was home. I yelled there's a big snake! He went out the front door to try to take care of it. I went with him to help. Didn't take time to change because I didn't want it to lose site of it since it was in the garage. There I was in my bathing suit with my long wrap and LL Bean boots! We found it in the corner near a tote curled up. After some debating on our strategy, I volunteered to stand on a cooler with a LONG broom to shoo it out while he waited to kill it! 

  Normally I would say leave a black snake alone, as that most likely means we don't have a poisonous snake around, but once they mosey into our domain all bets are off! Glad we killed it because we discovered it was carrying 20 eggs!!!! I just know I'm going to have nightmares!

  I'm sure DH and I would have died laughing if we had of seen ourselves. We were a site!  Me wielding a broom, in my bathing suit and wrap wearing my DH's very large LL Bean Boots, standing on top of that cooler while DH (6' 2" large muscular man, who hates snakes just as bad as I do) is yelling, "Are you ready?" I reply, "Are you ready?" He says again, "Ok, are you ready?" I then say, "Wait, we're doing what now?"  Thank goodness he's a go getter in these situations though despite his feeling of snakes.  My hero!!  I don't know what I would have done if he hadn't been home yet.  Probably just never gone in the garage again!  

  My neighbor (who evidently witnessed my ensemble from a couple of houses over) said later....Um...I thought that was an interesting choice for the pool! 

  Gracious!  I can laugh at this now and I'm sure will make a funny story for years to come. :)

Hoping for a nice UNeventful day today!


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Tracey said...

This is one of those times when a video of the encounter would have been priceless! Glad the story ended well!!

On Sunday, we had a cat crawl up under our car at church. He rode up under there somewhere for the twenty minutes it took us to drive to a a restaurant for lunch, another twenty minutes back home, and stayed there all afternoon. My husband tried to get it out, but it would just hiss at him. I drove the car to church Sunday night and he must have run off during the service, because he was gone when we left to drive home. Very weird....

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