Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day of Relaxation and Crochet

  I just love Sundays!  Today my DD and I decided to curl up on the sofa and do a little crocheting.  We just taught ourselves how to crochet last winter, so it's still pretty small projects for us. :) We haven't crocheted all summer.  It was just too hot for us to get in the mood.  Even though it is still hot here in the southeast, the leaves are just beginning to fall, and early in the mornings you can feel a coolness in the air.

  Today I opted for a bright yellow dishcloth for my kitchen.  I couldn't wait to try it out, and forgot to take a picture first.  So, this is a picture after it's first trial run. The picture doesn't do it justice, it's very nice and bright.  (I've really got to work on my photography skills!)

  My DD decided to surprise me with a beautiful washcloth made with pinks and purples.  Already tried that one out too! :)  It feels so soft all lathered up.  I think she did a great job!

  Nothing like using something you know you made yourself!  Do you like to craft?  Feel free to share what you like to do.  I love to see what others are working on!

  I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend!

Until next time,

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shopping Trip 8/25/10 - Publix

Hi all!
  I thought I would share with you my latest shopping trip.  This trip was at Publix.  Before I get started, I just have to say that before I really learned how to use coupons the best possible way, I didn't shop that often at Publix.  Even though it was the closest (5 minutes from my house) to  me, I used to drive 20 minutes away to Walmart because I could get much more for my money.  I loved shopping Publix, but they just seemed too expensive.

  Now....It's my favorite place to shop.  With their BOGOs (Buy One Get One) combined with coupons, you can get some fantastic deals.

  Note: On the my Publix (and I think most all of them do it this way), the items don't ring up, first one full price, then second one free.  They both ring up at half price, so you are getting two for the price of one.  Some people don't like this.  I actually do, because sometimes (not often ;) ), I only have one coupon, and don't want to buy two.  Also, I think you get a much better deal this way.

  For example: Let's say that a bag of chips is normally $3.  In scenario #1: (this is if you only happen to have one coupon for the brand of chips) The first rings up $3, and the second one rings up $0, the total is $3.  You have a coupon for $.50 (Publix doubles the value of coupons up to $.50 everyday), which is then doubled to $1, bringing your total to $2, or $1 each.

  In scenario #2:  You only want to buy one bag of chips, because you only have the one coupon.  Publix rings their BOGOs half price, making the bag of chips $1.50.  You hand over your $.50 coupon, which is then doubled to $1, bringing your total to $.50.  That's a savings of $.50!

  Now if you had two coupons, then scenario #1 would have worked out the same.

 The main reason that I think some people don't like the ringing half price scenario, is for when they have a BOGO coupon.  In this case, if they actually did ring it up one full price, the second free, then take off the BOGO coupon, they would both be free.  Some stores will do this no problem.  Some on the other hand will not, arguing that you are only "buying one" because the second one is already free.  Some have won this argument, and gotten both for free, and good for them!  Me, I can see the retailers point of view, so I choose not to go there. :)  Unless, I know that they do this without any problems. Just feel free to ask the cashier before you shop if they will do that.  I just don't want to argue over when I can and can't use a coupon on those gray areas.  Not to say that I won't, if I feel undoubtedly that I am in the right (in a friendly manner, of course)!

Ok, onto my trip...

2 Pedigree Dentastix 2/$6
2 Dial Bar soap 3pk 2/$1.87
1 Excedrin 24ct (I think, may have been 20ct) $1.49
2 Sure Deodorant $2.39 ea = $4.78
1 Publix brand Dishwasher soap $2.59
6 Hunts diced tomato 2/$1.39 = $4.17
1 BC frosting $1.39
1 BC cake mix 2/$1.39 = $.92
2 Mt. Olive pickles 2/$2.79
1 Weber seasoning 2/$3 = $1.50
2 Peter Pan peanut butter 2/$2.47
1 Publix brand syrup $2.39

 Total before tax and coupons: $32.36

Note: M=Manufacture Q=Coupon D=Doubled SQ= Store Coupon

Coupons used:
2 Pedigree Dentastix $2 MQ  = $4
2 Dial Soap $.35 MQD = $1.40
1 Excedrin $1 MQ
2 Sure Deodorant $1 MQ =$2
2 Sure Deodorant $1 SQ =$2 (Publix will take 1 MQ, and 1 SQ per item)
2 Hunts 3/$.45 MQD =$1.80
1 BC B1 mix, and B1 frosting $.75 MQ (B1= buy 1)
2 Mt. Olive $.50 MQD =$2
1 Weber seasoning $.50 MQD =$1
2 Peter Pan peanut butter $.60 MQ = $1.20

Total after tax: $15.37  Savings: $36.35 (I calculate savings: coupons + store sales ad)

Note: While typing this out I noticed that I got an extra $1.10 off on coupons.  The Mt. Olive pickles had $.55 MQ attached to them, but I didn't take them off because, I had $.50 MQD coupons which where a better deal.  Evidently the cashier saw these and generously took it upon herself to remove them, and scanned them.  I must have been unloading still, because I would have told her I already handed her coupons for those.

  Well, hopefully I helped clear up any questions you might have about shopping Publix.  Please feel free to ask any questions, it's always nice to hear from you!

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What do you Repurpose?

  Do any of you like to repurpose?  I love to find new ways to use something.  Here are some of my favorites:

1. You know the plastic mesh bags that oranges come in?  Fold them up, and they become great pot scrubbers!

2.  I use grocery store bags for my small bathroom garbage cans.

3.  The square empty tissue boxes become storage for all my grocery store bags.  I just fill one box up, and keep it under each bathroom sink for easy access when emptying my garbage cans.

4.  The heavy duty cereal boxes that you get from warehouse stores are great to keep my paperback cookbooks in. The picture I posted shows my DD's coloring books. See how to do this here.  Even the less sturdy boxes could be used for lighter magazines.

5.  Empty jars with screw tops are great for keeping some of your wall paint in for quick touch ups.

  I read about a few other things that I want to do, but it requires some time to make them.  So, I'll have to save those for another post.  ;)

  What do you like to repurpose? Please share! :)  Add a link below to your blog to share your tips, and be sure to link back here for others to see and play along.

Thanks for stopping by,

P.S. Raising Homemakers in having a link up for any household tips, so be sure to check it out.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Birthday 9th DD!!!--Her Favorite Pasta Recipe

  This weekend we celebrated our DD's birthday.  Boy does time fly by!  It seems just like yesterday my husband and I brought her home.  I remember sitting down the carrier she was in, looking at each other and saying..."Now what?"  :)
  What a blessing this journey has been, and I thank God for my wonderful family every day.  I cherish every moment spent with them.

  I thought I would share with you the recipe for her birthday meal.  I found this recipe on the back of a spaghetti sauce jar years ago.  I don't remember which brand it was, but whatever your favorite brand of sauce is will work just fine.

I take a 9 X 13 inch baking pan, and pour one whole box of Penne pasta (16 oz) in it.  Do not cook the pasta ahead of time, just open the box and pour right in.  Then take your favorite jar of spaghetti sauce and evenly pour over the pasta.  Next, fill the empty sauce jar with water until almost full and evenly pour over the pasta and sauce.  Cover with foil, and cook in oven at 350 for about 45 minutes, or until fork tender.  Finally, remove the foil and sprinkle the top with shredded mozzarella cheese, and return to the oven to melt.  Then serve.  It is simple and delicious.

Tip:  To make the meal complete, simply buy a mixed bag of lettuce, and prepared garlic bread that just needs to be heated in the oven.  With about 15 minutes or less of prep you can have dinner on the table!  The longest part of the process is just waiting for the pasta to cook in the oven.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Housecleaning hangups

  Do any of you get overwhelmed with cleaning responsibilities?  The main area of my house is usually only minutes away from being "company worthy."  This helps tremendously!  Just by keeping the kitchen, family room, and main bathroom picked up and clean makes the house feel fresh, gives a satisfying since of accomplishment, and relieves the stress of unexpected company.

  However, by the time I do the everyday "have to's," like cleaning the kitchen after breakfast, lunch and dinner, vacuuming daily (we have two dogs, need I say more :) ), making the beds, at LEAST one load of laundry (so it doesn't pile up), and homeschooling during the week, I quickly run out of steam.  Which makes it very hard to find the energy, or desire to clean the other areas of my house that aren't high profile.

  I just wanted to share with you all a website I found called,  Flylady.  Her website gives great tips on how to get, and keep your house clean one step at a time.  Click on the Beginner Babysteps section to get you started. Now, some of these steps you may find you're already doing, but keep reading!  This website will help give you a nudge into the right direction, when you just don't know where to begin.

  You'll see that they pick weekly zones to work on, by breaking them up into small chunks each day, so that by the end of the week you have completely cleaned that particular zone from top to bottom.   By breaking it up this way, you don't put off doing something that you know is going to be a daunting task, because you approach it in small doses at a time.  This way you don't run out of steam before your finish, and then end up never completing the task.

  I just started looking at this site this week.  I've been dabbling in it so far, but plan to fully commit to it starting on Monday.  Anybody else want to "Fly" with me?  Let's get our homes sparkly clean one step at a time. :)

Happy Cleaning!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'll never iron clothing again!

Hi all,
  I told you in my last post that I would explain what I meant by wrinkle removal.  Well, I saw an infomercial on a Shark Portable Steam Pocket.  Yes, I was oooing, ahhing,  and said I want that!  So, my husband surprised me with it.  I LOVE IT! I'll never iron a clothing item again!  I hang up the piece of clothing, plug in the Shark, and within seconds steam is gushing out of it, and a few swipes wrinkles.  It has also become my new favorite go to cleaning item for the bathroom grout.  With the scrub brush attachment the grout looks brand new after a few scrubs.  It also has attachments for cleaning large surfaces, like windows, mirrors, doors, cabinets, and a long skinny attachment for in between faucets and knobs.

  I just had to share!  I'm not getting paid to review this item, I just thought some of you might like to hear about it.  If your interested in it, I added a link for you to check it out.  I do get some compensation if you purchase through that link. ;)

  Thanks for stopping by, until next time,

P.S. Do you have a homemaking tip you would like to share? If so, feel free to comment here, and be sure to go  over to Raising Homemakers and link your tip. :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My typical day....

  A fellow blogger...50s Housewife, is hosting a linky on her blog titled, "A Housewife's Life-August."

She asked us to share a day of our life.  I thought that could be fun, so here goes.  My day started at 5:30am.  I don't know why I'm waking up almost the exact same time every morning so early lately, but I'm just going with it.  I came downstairs to fix a cup of coffee.  Poured too much creamer in it, but too tired to care.

I went back upstairs into the office and got on the computer.  I caught up on all my emails, and read some blogs.  It was so quite, until.....dogs started barking at 6:15 wanting to go out.  I let the dogs out, then went ahead and got showered and dressed.

  Then I made the bed, and emptied the dishwasher.  DD woke up, and I told her to get dressed while I got bagels ready, per her request. After breakfast, it was up into the playroom/classroom to start school.  Between back and forth teaching, while she does her independent work, I vacuumed family room, cleaned up coffee cups, and breakfast dishes,  put clean comforter back on bed that I washed yesterday, emptied all the garbage cans, and got the big garbage can ready to take to the street, completed 2 loads of laundry (washed, dried, put away, and wrinkle removal).  Yes, I said wrinkle'll have to see what I mean by that on my next post. ;)  Then lunch, clean the kitchen from lunch, let the dogs out again, and short break before we went back to finish up school.

  Ok, once school is done, it's free time which usually means catching up with DH and hearing about how his day went, then getting on the computer again checking emails, and/or working on a post for my blog.  Today I added some Girls Summer 3T clothes on ebay to sell. :) DD likes to watch some TV, read a book she picked out from the library, or play a video game.

  Shortly after that, it's time to figure out what to fix for dinner. I've really got to look more into getting a menu plan together.  Today, I did remember to set out a chicken to bake in the oven tonight.  I love getting dinner ready to eat by 5:30-6:00, so that by the time we eat, and clean the kitchen it's still pretty early.

  Then dogs go out one last time, DD and I usually go up and snuggle up for a movie before bed.  Once DD is tucked in DH and I usually watch something together before bed.  Then we start it all again the next day.

  I just love being a stay at home mom!  I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.  It's the most fulfilling job I've ever had.

  Well, don't forget to go over to 50s Housewife to share your day!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Comfort on a plate!

   For lunch today, we had comfort on a plate!  The meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and rolls hit the spot.  My daughter had a blast in the kitchen today, since she had a big hand in making her first meatloaf from beginning to end!  (That's an old picture of us to the left there. She's now 8, I just like that picture.)

 The best thing about lunch today (besides it being just delicious), is I know what we're having for dinner. :) I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday.

Off to clip coupons!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

What's your Top 5 Favorite movies?

Hi all,
  Jen from Thoughts Of A Working Mom inspired this post.  She made a list of her Top 5 movies that she never gets tired of watching.  Be sure to go by and check her list.

Here's my list...Hmm...This is tough!  I could name so many more than 5, but I'll narrow it down.

#5-The Breakfast Club
#4-Say Anything
#3-Dirty Dancing
#2-It's a Wonderful Life

And Drum roll please.....

#1-Pretty in Pink  (I just love the scene where Jon Cryer impersonates Otis Redding!)

I know...I'm an 80's geek! :)  What movies can you watch over and over?

Have a great weekend!

P.S.  I know #2 is so out of place, but I had to put something other than an 80's movie in the mix! :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Peach cobbler...Mmmm!

Ok, I can't have a blog named "Just Peachy in Dixie" without sharing my peach cobbler recipe! :)  I don't know where this recipe originated from, but my mother in law passed it to me.  This is my go to recipe for the "Bring a dessert" gatherings.  It is SO simple, but very delicious!

-Preheat oven to 350
-Put one whole stick of butter in baking dish (I use a 9 X 13 glass dish), and      put that in the oven to melt while doing the following steps.
-In bowl mix: 1 cup of self rising flour, 1 cup of sugar, and 1/2 cup of milk
-Once butter has melted, evenly pour batter over the butter
-Then, take one large can (I think it's 15oz) of sliced peaches in heavy syrup, and evenly pour over batter.
-Bake until golden brown.  (which is usually around 30 minutes)

When taking this to a gathering, I always have to make two.  One for sharing, and one for keeping! :)

Tip: I have also done this with cherry pie filling (I just added some sugar to the filling before adding over the batter, to give a little more sweetness), fresh blackberries from out back, and I even made a chicken pot pie version.

For the chicken pot pie, I just used left over rotisserie chicken, a can of cream of chicken soup, about 3/4 can of water, chopped veggies from my produce bin that needed using up, salt, pepper, and paprika to taste.  Just pour the filling in the middle of the batter (batter without sugar, but with salt, and any savory seasonings instead ;). The batter will rise just around the edges.


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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cake anyone?

Hi all,
Whew! What a day I've had! Today I managed to get the everyday regular cleaning and laundry done. DD and I got through two school lessons. Then while she was doing her independent work I did some weeding for about an hour. Then I decided to try my hand at something I've been really wanting to learn to do. Cake decorating! So, I baked a cake and made icing both from scratch. I only have a few cake decorating tips, so I had to improvise. I was so slow, that the icing got soft, and the roses just did not turn out right. I was too tired at that point to try to stiffen up the icing, so I just went with it.

Well, here's the picture. Please remember that this was my very first attempt, and I have not taken any classes. I've just watched a few how to videos. :)

For all you cake decorators.....How do you get perfectly white icing? Also, how on earth do you get the icing on so smooth?

I'm not the best photographer, actually I'm terrible, and the first picture turned out really yellow, so I tried to adjust the color....sorry about that! Again, just to tired to take more pictures! :) What did you all do today?

Until next time,

Monday, August 9, 2010

Manic Monday!

Hi all,
Well today I didn't take my own advice from the last post, and still haven't started on a dreaded project. Between the regular everyday chores, homeschooling, making the beds, cleaning the kitchen (that never seems to stay clean), vacuuming the family room, and never ending laundry, I just can't seem to get started on something else. Good thing tomorrow can be a fresh start.....hmmm, maybe I can still squeeze something in before I start thinking about dinner.

Wait! I did do something out of the regular....I did some desperately needed weeding in the back yard! Ahhh, ok mission accomplished. :)

Did anybody start fresh on something today? Please share! Don't forget to link up, or leave a comment on the previous post for ideas to make our days less manic. ;)

Take care,

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fresh Start...

Hi all,
The last few Sundays for me have been so peaceful. They have been full of calm comfort, joy, and inspiration. They have also been great days for reflection. Reflection on the week past, and thoughts for the upcoming week. Sometimes however, these thoughts can cloud that calm comfort, and replace it with stressful thoughts of dread.

Are you stressed about that ironing that didn't get finished? How about that catch all closet that you've been meaning to clean out? Are you tired of trying to decide what to cook for dinner? Have you been short with your family members? Are you stressed at your job, are worried about starting a new one?

We all have these moments. Feeling so overwhelmed you don't even know where to start. Well, why not just try to approach tomorrow with a fresh start. Or, better yet don't wait until tomorrow! Start fresh right now, this moment.

Take that mountain of ironing, just iron the five most important things, then put it away and iron five more tomorrow, and so on. Get in that closet, and pick one shelf/section at a time to completely clean out, stop and do the same the next day, until you get it done. Sit down and write out five meals you could make simply with just buying a few ingredients, or use what's out of your pantry or freezer. Take a deep breath before you make a comment you might regret later to your loved ones. Take some quiet time to pray about those stressful jobs, and worries.

Do you have an idea you would like to share that would help make a fresh start? Like, how to tackle big cleaning projects, menu planning, recipes, organizing tips, inspirational thoughts. Please leave a link to your blog below. If you don't have a blog, feel free to leave a comment. I can't wait to hear from you! Be sure you link back to here so others can come by as well.

Until next time! God Bless!

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shopping Drugstores: Walgreens 101 Part 3 of 3

Well, here's the last installment of my three part series of Shopping Drugstores 101. The final drugstore I'll talk about is Walgreens, which in the coupon world is sometimes known as Wags.

Now, Walgreens does not have a reward card here in the Southeast. However, I have heard of them testing a card in some areas, so you would need to check your local Walgreens.

Walgreens does have something called Register Rewards, or RR's. These are separate coupons that print from a Catalina machine. So after your transaction you will get a receipt, and Catalina coupons, or RR's printed separately. (That's if you bought something that qualifies for a Catalina of course.) These RR's can be used as cash on your next order.
There are a few things you need to know when shopping with RR's, and coupons at Walgreens. You can not have more coupons (RR's are considered coupons, even though it says $? off your next order) than items. So, if you have a RR for $5 off your next purchase, and a manufacture coupon for a razor, you will have to purchase at least one more item other than the razor to be able to use both coupons.

These "extra" items are called "fillers" in the coupon world. There are different strategies for fillers. Some people try to find the least expensive item they can find to use as a filler. That is one thing that Walgreens has ample plenty! You can always find orange clearance tags all throughout the stores for items dirt cheap. Normally you can find something as you peruse through the aisles for $.25 or under. Other people would just rather get an item that they are out of, or low on know matter what the cost. Either one is perfectly fine, just have the same number of items to ring up as coupons.

Another very important tidbit......Most RR's can not be used again for the same item. For example, if you buy a certain razor that generates a $5 RR, then you take that RR to purchase another of the razors, it will not print another RR. There are exceptions to this rule....Sometimes the RR's will "Roll". The coupon term "rolling" refers to the really fun occasions when you can in fact use the same RR for the item again, and generate another RR. It will let you use them for a different item that generates RR's, and they will print just fine. It can be confusing, I know. I hope I have made it clear. If not please leave a comment, and I will do my best to explain this better.

I think some people just try to see if it will roll. I'm not one of those people. I normally just read about it somewhere else. :) One of the places I will usually read about it is at A Full Cup. This is a great website, to learn some wonderful couponing tips.

Next week Walgreens ad 8/8/10 - 8/14/10, has Dial Nutri Skin Body wash 16oz on sale for $3.99, there is a coupon for $1 off Dial Body wash you can print here , which brings the total to $2.99 before tax. After you pay it will print a $3 RR to use on your next purchase. Now don't can use it for another Dial body wash, but you will not get another RR for that.

Again, I need to credit i heart wags , which is where I go to get a sneak peek at the upcoming Walgreens sales.

I hope this helps answer your questions on shopping at Walgreens. As always, I love to hear from you, so feel free to leave questions or comments.

Happy Shopping!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Shopping Drugstores: Rite Aid 101 Part 2 of 3


Today I will talk about shopping at Rite Aid. This drug store has recently become my favorite drug store to shop. I'm sure you will come to love it too! :)

First, like CVS, they have a rewards card as well. Their card is called the Wellness + card. You just have to fill out a simple form to receive your card, at no charge of course. You will get a $5 off your next $25 purchase just for signing up. (Remember to use this coupon before any other coupons, so your total doesn't dip below the $25, as we talked about in Part 1 of this series.) The cashier will need to scan your card in order to get the sales prices. There are many benefits to using this card.
  • Card members receive 10% off Rite Aid products
  • Only members get the sales price
  • Also, you have access to a pharmacist when you call the 1-800 number
There is also a reward point system. For every dollar spent (not including prescriptions), you get one point. For prescription purchases you get 25 points. These points add up to rewards that you can read more about here.

In addition to all this, Rite Aid also has +Up Rewards on items in their weekly circular. These are very similar to the CVS ECB's discussed in Part 1 of this series. These +UP rewards will print at the end of your receipt to be used like money on your next purchase.

That's not all though folks! Rite Aid also has something called Single Check Rebates. These are FANTASTIC! When you walk into a Rite Aid you should see near the front door, the ads, as well as a Single Check Rebate booklet (SCR). Pick one up! These booklets come out once a month. They are packed full with upcoming items that will be included in the Single Check Rebate Program for the month. Ok, now your asking....what does it do? spit it out! Well, when you purchase an item that is currently featured in the weekly circular for a Single Check Rebate, you will get back the specified amount in a check. Yes, a check that you can cash in for money at the bank to use anywhere you please!

Let me explain some things about this program. First, you need to go here, and click on Sign Up For SCR. This will set you up an account, so that you can get your check. The way you get your check is, when you purchase an item that is included in the SCR program, you have to come home and enter your receipt into your account. You will see in the link I provided above a link for entering your receipts. It does that a few days for your receipt to show up. Of course, you have to be sure to set up your account first.

Second, you can only request your check once during the month. So, I always keep entering receipts until I know I for sure I will not be returning again for that month, then and only then, click on the request your check field. It does take a few weeks to get your check.

I know this seems like a lot of things to do, but it is definitely worth it! This is how you read about people getting free groceries. They cash in their checks, and use them at the grocery stores for things that maybe you don't see many coupons for, like meat, and produce.

Let me give you a perfect example:

Next week (8/8-8/4) Rite Aid's ad will have
-Crest Pro-Health Sensitive Shield Toothpaste 4.2oz for $2.69, and there is a $1 Proctor & Gamble (PG) manufacture coupon that came out on 8/01/10, which brings your Out of Pocket (OOP) to $1.69 + tax. This item is also featured this week in the SCR program for $2.69. Yes, when you come home and enter your receipt, you will get back the full $2.69 sale price at the end of the month when you request your check.

Once again, I would like to give credit to i heart rite aid , which is where I always check for the upcoming deals at Rite Aid.

Well, hopefully this post has been informative, and clear. Please feel free to leave questions, or comments! I love to hear from you. :)

Until next time, Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shopping Drugstores: CVS 101-- Part 1 of 3

Hi all,
I thought I would share with you some tips on how to shop three of my local drug stores, which are CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens. So I'll go over each one on separate days. First, you may ask me.....Aren't those drugs stores more expensive then other stores? Well, I used to think the same thing, and never shopped those drug stores until I learned how to shop savvy with coupons. Now I can usually get things like toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, deodorant, etc. completely free. Yes, I said free, sometimes I even make money on these items. I'll explain what I mean by this in a little bit. I'm talking brand name items! Brands that I would have never have bought in the past because of the price. Ok, let's get to it!

So today I'll start with CVS. First, you will need to get a CVS Extra Care Card. This is there loyalty card, and it is completely free. You just have to fill out a form when you go into the store. The cashier will scan your card before your purchase to get the sale prices. You can not get the sale prices without this card. You can read more about the card here.

Second, CVS has something called Extra Care Bucks, or ECB's. These are "Extra Care Bucks" that are printed at the end of your receipt after you've paid for your purchases. These bucks are like cash to use at CVS on your next purchases.

Third, in CVS stores, they have a coupon center. This is a tall machine that scans your card, and will print coupons out. You should always stop by that machine before you start your shopping trip. You never know what you could get. Sometimes it prints $/off a specific item, and sometimes they print coupons like $4 off $20, or $10 off 50. You could even get lucky, and get a free item.

Fourth, let's talk about the order you hand your coupons in. You may wonder why you should hand your coupons in a certain order. Well, if you happen to have one of those $? off $? like $4 off $20 for example, and your total before your coupons is $21, you want them to take that off first, because if you hand your manufacture coupons first your total will dip below the $20, and you will no longer be able to use the $4 off $20.

Finally, let's get to how you get those free items. Next weeks sales ad has Schick 3 or Hydro 5 cartridges 4ct or razor $8.97. There is a $5 Schick razor coupon coming out in the Smartsource insert on 8/8/10. This brings the razor to $3.97. After you pay, you will then get $4 ECB to use on your next purchase. So, yes, you do initially have to pay out of pocket to get the ECB, but once you start to build up your ECBs you will then be able to use those instead of cash out of your pocket. Then in turn get more ECB's.

Now here is how you can actually make money. First buy the razor mentioned above, and complete that transaction. Then do a second transaction with the following. CVS also has Ducolax Balance 8.3oz. on sale for $9.99 next week. Use the $4 ECB you received in the first transaction, along with the $4 coupon that came in the Smartsource insert on 5/16/10, which brings it to $1.99. You will receive a $9.99 ECB after you pay.

You always have to pay tax. So, you paid $3.97+ tax in first, then $1.99 + tax in second, but you get back $9.99 to use in your next transaction. Now, you should know that you can only use the ECB's on the pre tax total. So if your pretax total is $3.50, and you have a $4 ECB you need a filler item if you don't want to waste that $.50. Filler items are things that will get you to the total you need, like a $.50 candy bar, or pack of gum.

One last little money saving tidbit.....CVS also has a green bag tag you can purchase for $1. Attach this to your reusable bag, and have the cashier scan this. Every fourth visit you will get back $1 in ECB's. So you get your money back on your fourth visit. Every dollar counts! :)

Now, I just want to give credit to a great website i heart cvs, which is where you can find upcoming sales to make your plans. This is where I regularly check each week for CVS's deals.

Well, hopefully I have cleared up some questions on how you can shop a drug store like CVS for some fantastic deals. Be sure to check back here for posts on future trips to CVS. As always, I love to hear from you, so feel free to post comments or questions.

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Let's Talk Coupons

Hello all,
A new blogging friend of mine was asking some questions about coupons, which inspired this post. I hope you all find it informative. Please feel free to leave questions in the comments if I can help any further.

There are all types of coupons, Manufacture Coupons, Store Coupons, Blinkies, Tearpads, Snail Mail, and Printables.

Let's start off with the Manufacture Coupon. These are coupons that are sent out by the manufacturer. I get the majority of my manufacture coupons in the Sunday paper inserts. The inserts normally found in the Sunday paper include (but are not limited to), Redplum, Smartsource, and P&G (Proctor and Gamble). These coupons will have Manufacture Coupon printed on it normally at the top of the coupon near the expiration date.

Store coupons are coupons that are store specific, and are meant to be used only at that store. Now, some stores will take competitor coupons, so be sure to ask if you can use them at other stores. These coupons will have Store Coupon printed on them near the expiration date.

Blinkies are the coupons that come out of those machines attached to the shelves on store aisles. They are called Blinkies, because they usually have a blinking light on them to get your attention.

Tearpads are the pads of coupons that vendors normally stick on the shelf near their product that they are promoting.

Snail Mail coupons are sent to you through the mail from the manufactures. You might get these from companies that you email bragging about a specific item, or maybe from a sample package.

Finally Printables are coupons you can print from the internet. Like here:

Coupons Inc.

Be sure that you know your stores coupon policies. Some stores double coupons. For instance, one of the stores I shop in Publix, doubles all coupons $.50 and under. So a $.50 coupon doubles to a dollar, $.25 doubles to $.50, etc. I've even heard of some stores tripling coupons. Also, and this is a big tip, some stores will allow 1 store coupon, and 1 manufacture coupon for each item. This can make for huge savings!

I hope this clears up some questions for coupon newbies. Take care, and Happy Shopping!


Disclaimer:  The above coupon link is an affiliate link.  Thank you for helping support Just Peachy in Dixie! ;)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ahh, Sundays!

I just love Sundays! My Sunday always starts out with my four legged, floppy eared, sweet kissing, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel gently whining to go outside. After I let him out, I fix a cup of coffee, catch up on my emails, and check out the sales for the week.

When the family stirs, my daughter and I normally head to the kitchen to make our traditional Sunday breakfast of homemade pancakes and bacon. She and I have the best time making the pancakes. She follows the recipe to a T, and is proud as a peacock when her Daddy brags on the delicious breakfast.

Today, after breakfast I put a chicken in the Crock Pot. Here's what I did to prepare the chicken: I rinsed the bird and patted dry. Then inside and out I salted, peppered, put paprika, and Montreal Chicken Grill Mates Seasoning (these were free a few months back with coupons :) ), and lastly I cubed an apple and stuffed inside. I set the Crock Pot to high for a couple of hours, then turned down to low, to let it cook for another 5-6 hours. Boy, does it smell good. Here.....take a nice whiff of this....

TIP: I lined the Crock Pot with one of those liners, to make for an even easier clean up.

I'll have plenty of left overs to make chicken salad to put on croissants for a great lunch tomorrow. Yum! On a frugal note....This chicken cost $4.??, and is being used in two meals. You could even stretch it further and add water and vegetables to cook in to make a great homemade chicken broth, but I have plenty of that in the freezer already. I love to use the chicken broth in place of water to make very flavorful rice. The homemade broth will also help cut down on the sodium, as apposed to some of the store bought.

Today after feeding our bellies, we got dressed and went to church to feed our soul. Feeling full physically, and spiritually, we'll now just enjoy a relaxing day. I'm sure I'll be clipping coupons later. :)

Ahh, this is shaping up to be a great Sunday! :)

Thanks for stopping in! I always am glad to hear from you.


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