Saturday, August 14, 2010

What's your Top 5 Favorite movies?

Hi all,
  Jen from Thoughts Of A Working Mom inspired this post.  She made a list of her Top 5 movies that she never gets tired of watching.  Be sure to go by and check her list.

Here's my list...Hmm...This is tough!  I could name so many more than 5, but I'll narrow it down.

#5-The Breakfast Club
#4-Say Anything
#3-Dirty Dancing
#2-It's a Wonderful Life

And Drum roll please.....

#1-Pretty in Pink  (I just love the scene where Jon Cryer impersonates Otis Redding!)

I know...I'm an 80's geek! :)  What movies can you watch over and over?

Have a great weekend!

P.S.  I know #2 is so out of place, but I had to put something other than an 80's movie in the mix! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh I so forgot about Say Anything! Love that. Thanks for stopping by!

ruthy ann said...

the princess bride, never ending story, and love actually are in my top 3~

Jennifer said...

My DD (9) has watched The Princess Bride so many times in the last month that she can recite it word for word! :)

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