Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ahh, Sundays!

I just love Sundays! My Sunday always starts out with my four legged, floppy eared, sweet kissing, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel gently whining to go outside. After I let him out, I fix a cup of coffee, catch up on my emails, and check out the sales for the week.

When the family stirs, my daughter and I normally head to the kitchen to make our traditional Sunday breakfast of homemade pancakes and bacon. She and I have the best time making the pancakes. She follows the recipe to a T, and is proud as a peacock when her Daddy brags on the delicious breakfast.

Today, after breakfast I put a chicken in the Crock Pot. Here's what I did to prepare the chicken: I rinsed the bird and patted dry. Then inside and out I salted, peppered, put paprika, and Montreal Chicken Grill Mates Seasoning (these were free a few months back with coupons :) ), and lastly I cubed an apple and stuffed inside. I set the Crock Pot to high for a couple of hours, then turned down to low, to let it cook for another 5-6 hours. Boy, does it smell good. Here.....take a nice whiff of this....

TIP: I lined the Crock Pot with one of those liners, to make for an even easier clean up.

I'll have plenty of left overs to make chicken salad to put on croissants for a great lunch tomorrow. Yum! On a frugal note....This chicken cost $4.??, and is being used in two meals. You could even stretch it further and add water and vegetables to cook in to make a great homemade chicken broth, but I have plenty of that in the freezer already. I love to use the chicken broth in place of water to make very flavorful rice. The homemade broth will also help cut down on the sodium, as apposed to some of the store bought.

Today after feeding our bellies, we got dressed and went to church to feed our soul. Feeling full physically, and spiritually, we'll now just enjoy a relaxing day. I'm sure I'll be clipping coupons later. :)

Ahh, this is shaping up to be a great Sunday! :)

Thanks for stopping in! I always am glad to hear from you.



Jenn Erickson said...

Lining your crockpot with one of those liner bags was positively brilliant! What a wonderful tip! Thank you1

Candi said...

Stopping by from Life as Mom. I'm your newest follower. Love your trip of lining the crock pot. We have Crock Pot Rotisserie Chicken nearly every week, what a time saver this would be! Thanks!

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