Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'll never iron clothing again!

Hi all,
  I told you in my last post that I would explain what I meant by wrinkle removal.  Well, I saw an infomercial on a Shark Portable Steam Pocket.  Yes, I was oooing, ahhing,  and said I want that!  So, my husband surprised me with it.  I LOVE IT! I'll never iron a clothing item again!  I hang up the piece of clothing, plug in the Shark, and within seconds steam is gushing out of it, and a few swipes wrinkles.  It has also become my new favorite go to cleaning item for the bathroom grout.  With the scrub brush attachment the grout looks brand new after a few scrubs.  It also has attachments for cleaning large surfaces, like windows, mirrors, doors, cabinets, and a long skinny attachment for in between faucets and knobs.

  I just had to share!  I'm not getting paid to review this item, I just thought some of you might like to hear about it.  If your interested in it, I added a link for you to check it out.  I do get some compensation if you purchase through that link. ;)

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