Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shopping Trip 8/25/10 - Publix

Hi all!
  I thought I would share with you my latest shopping trip.  This trip was at Publix.  Before I get started, I just have to say that before I really learned how to use coupons the best possible way, I didn't shop that often at Publix.  Even though it was the closest (5 minutes from my house) to  me, I used to drive 20 minutes away to Walmart because I could get much more for my money.  I loved shopping Publix, but they just seemed too expensive.

  Now....It's my favorite place to shop.  With their BOGOs (Buy One Get One) combined with coupons, you can get some fantastic deals.

  Note: On the my Publix (and I think most all of them do it this way), the items don't ring up, first one full price, then second one free.  They both ring up at half price, so you are getting two for the price of one.  Some people don't like this.  I actually do, because sometimes (not often ;) ), I only have one coupon, and don't want to buy two.  Also, I think you get a much better deal this way.

  For example: Let's say that a bag of chips is normally $3.  In scenario #1: (this is if you only happen to have one coupon for the brand of chips) The first rings up $3, and the second one rings up $0, the total is $3.  You have a coupon for $.50 (Publix doubles the value of coupons up to $.50 everyday), which is then doubled to $1, bringing your total to $2, or $1 each.

  In scenario #2:  You only want to buy one bag of chips, because you only have the one coupon.  Publix rings their BOGOs half price, making the bag of chips $1.50.  You hand over your $.50 coupon, which is then doubled to $1, bringing your total to $.50.  That's a savings of $.50!

  Now if you had two coupons, then scenario #1 would have worked out the same.

 The main reason that I think some people don't like the ringing half price scenario, is for when they have a BOGO coupon.  In this case, if they actually did ring it up one full price, the second free, then take off the BOGO coupon, they would both be free.  Some stores will do this no problem.  Some on the other hand will not, arguing that you are only "buying one" because the second one is already free.  Some have won this argument, and gotten both for free, and good for them!  Me, I can see the retailers point of view, so I choose not to go there. :)  Unless, I know that they do this without any problems. Just feel free to ask the cashier before you shop if they will do that.  I just don't want to argue over when I can and can't use a coupon on those gray areas.  Not to say that I won't, if I feel undoubtedly that I am in the right (in a friendly manner, of course)!

Ok, onto my trip...

2 Pedigree Dentastix 2/$6
2 Dial Bar soap 3pk 2/$1.87
1 Excedrin 24ct (I think, may have been 20ct) $1.49
2 Sure Deodorant $2.39 ea = $4.78
1 Publix brand Dishwasher soap $2.59
6 Hunts diced tomato 2/$1.39 = $4.17
1 BC frosting $1.39
1 BC cake mix 2/$1.39 = $.92
2 Mt. Olive pickles 2/$2.79
1 Weber seasoning 2/$3 = $1.50
2 Peter Pan peanut butter 2/$2.47
1 Publix brand syrup $2.39

 Total before tax and coupons: $32.36

Note: M=Manufacture Q=Coupon D=Doubled SQ= Store Coupon

Coupons used:
2 Pedigree Dentastix $2 MQ  = $4
2 Dial Soap $.35 MQD = $1.40
1 Excedrin $1 MQ
2 Sure Deodorant $1 MQ =$2
2 Sure Deodorant $1 SQ =$2 (Publix will take 1 MQ, and 1 SQ per item)
2 Hunts 3/$.45 MQD =$1.80
1 BC B1 mix, and B1 frosting $.75 MQ (B1= buy 1)
2 Mt. Olive $.50 MQD =$2
1 Weber seasoning $.50 MQD =$1
2 Peter Pan peanut butter $.60 MQ = $1.20

Total after tax: $15.37  Savings: $36.35 (I calculate savings: coupons + store sales ad)

Note: While typing this out I noticed that I got an extra $1.10 off on coupons.  The Mt. Olive pickles had $.55 MQ attached to them, but I didn't take them off because, I had $.50 MQD coupons which where a better deal.  Evidently the cashier saw these and generously took it upon herself to remove them, and scanned them.  I must have been unloading still, because I would have told her I already handed her coupons for those.

  Well, hopefully I helped clear up any questions you might have about shopping Publix.  Please feel free to ask any questions, it's always nice to hear from you!

Happy Shopping!


Sandra said...

Just came back from Florida where I shopped at the Pulix. I loved it! I got 2 for 1 bagels, soda pop, bread! I'm a fan...too bad they don't have them in Canada :(

Jennifer said...

It is now my favorite place to shop. Sorry you don't have any close by! :( Thanks for stopping by!

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