Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Overflowing with stuffed animals??

Hi all,
  This post was inspired by another blogging friend of mine, (you know who you are...Tracey @ Girls to Grow ;) )when I gave a suggestion of what to do with that pile of stuffed animals that have accumulated over the years.

  If you have a little one anything like mine you have LOTS of stuffed animals taking over!  My DD was never much into dolls, but loves her soft fluffy animals.  So between my husband, myself and family giving her stuffed sweeties for every birthday or holiday that rolled around we have quite a selection!

  To help control this, I take themed ones and pack them up with the other holiday things and only bring them out when decorating for that holiday.  I do this for Christmas, Valentines, and Easter.  (I don't pack away the brand new one she just got, those get to hang around until that holiday rolls around again, then it gets packed away the next time.)  She hates to see them packed away, but loves it when that particular holiday runs around.  We take all her stuffed animals that she keeps on her bed and replace them with the current holiday theme.  We have a great time doing this, and it gives her room a nice freshening up and new look for a while.

  Now, her absolute favorites stay either on her bed or in her closet.  We have narrowed down just a few particular ones to leave on her bed when she makes it up.  Then we have a game we play at night at bedtime.  She hopes on the bed, then closes her eyes.  I go into the closet and randomly pick one of the animals.  I then lay it in her hands and she tries to guess which one it is before looking.  This helps to keep toys from never getting played with by alternating them around.

  For those that have not been played with in a long time and just need to go, we have found a solution for that as well.  A friend of ours told us that the local fire department loves to receive excellent used condition stuffed animals to hand out to children on a call.  Just a little something to bring some small comfort to a little one who has just lost everything in a fire.  My DD loved this idea!  She didn't feel bad at all losing a sweet stuffed animal knowing that it could bring some joy to a child who is no doubt sad and frightened.   So call your local fire department to see if they do this.  If they don't, maybe they would like to start.

  Another suggestion would be to include them in a Christmas or Easter gift to a child in need.   In these economic times, I'm sure that we could find many homes at these times of year to bless a child with.

  I hope you have found my suggestions useful.  Be sure to come back again real soon! :)

Have a great day,

Monday, April 25, 2011

Recycle Easter Baskets & Remnants :)

Hi all,
  Now that Easter has passed you may be thinking, of tossing the empty baskets and plastic eggs.  I never do that!  These things can be used again and again. :)

  The basket in this picture was a basket that was given to me almost 10 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter, filled with baby gifts for my baby shower.  I thought the basket was so pretty, I decided right then and there to make it the annual Easter basket.

  Every Easter eve we (DD and I) set it out for the Easter Bunny to fill.  That way, he doesn't have to bring a new one each year.  To freshen it up I just add new Easter ribbon and fluff up the basket grass.  If you don't like any of your left over baskets enough to reuse them this way, try your local Goodwill or thrift shops.  There are always beautiful baskets at mine for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

  For those novelty plastic baskets, you can use these over and over as well.  If your not in love with them enough to be "the" basket, just keep them for Easter egg hunts.  We also use them to decorate DD's room with plastic eggs.  Use them to fill with a few eggs and spring knick knacks to give as a gift to a teacher, loved one, or a family in need for their children.

  As for those plastic eggs, soak them in some soapy water, rinse, set out to dry, then pack them in a bag for next year.  We leave these out for the Easter Bunny to fill as well. :)  When you need to go to the church or neighborhood hunt, you should have ample plenty eggs to take as your contribution and not have to go purchase any.

  Those plastic dye cups that you might have gotten in a egg dying kit....wash them and use them again next year for extra colors, or just to speed up the process. ;)

  You may be thinking what to do with the accumulation of stuffed Easter bunnies from years past....our favorites are packed up with all the other Easter things and only brought out during Easter to decorate DD's room.  If you are just overflowing with them, use them to put with those gift baskets I mentioned above.

  So before you toss, think about how you can save yourself some time, money or bless someone else by reusing these things.

 I hope you find these tips useful.  Have a great week! :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter! 2011

(\ /)
( . .)
C(")(")  Hi all,

  Happy Easter!  I hope you all have been having a wonderful day celebrating our Saviors resurrection.

  Be sure to come back tomorrow for some tips on what to do with the leftover plastic eggs, baskets and dye cups.

He has risen!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Great New Coupons from 4/22/11

Hi all, has some really great new coupons available.  I've added a list and link for you.

Have a great day!

Disclosure:  This is an affiliate link.  I do receive compensation for coupons printed.  Thank you for helping support Just Peachy in Dixie. :)

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