Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How do you homeschool?

Hi all,

  Today I thought I would discuss how we homeschool.  We have been homeschooling our DD since the beginning.  She entered the 4th grade this year.  We homeschool year 'round.  Our school year goes from 9/1 - 8/31, taking small breaks throughout the year.  I have found this works better for us, rather than one big break.
    We have been using the A Beka Book program.  For those of you who are not familiar with this curriculum, it is Christian based.  You can purchase whole grade curriculums, or just the subjects you would like.  I like this program because it has all of the lesson plans laid out for me.  I know exactly what I need to cover each day.

  It has worked well for us.  She did exceptionally well with her testing at the end of 3rd grade.  Which gave me the confidence that I was not failing in my job as her teacher. :)  (Do any of you worry about that at times?)  I do have to say, that we find it a bit monotonous, so I usually try to supplement our learning through extra books from the library, or things found on the internet to liven it up a bit.

 I have to admit that using the A Beka Book curriculum has been my safety net in this whole adventure.  I think I would be overwhelmed (more like terrified) trying to use some of the other methods out there that don't use curriculums.  I admire those with the confidence to do this!    

 Which gets to the real reason why I'm writing this post.  I'm curious to hear about some of the other great methods out there.  I would love to hear how you homeschool!  What has worked for you?  What do you and your children look forward to learning?  Do you have a great project you would like to share? How about a great book?  My DD (9) LOVES to read series type books.  Do you have some suggestions you would like to share? How about pictures of your classroom?  Or, great supplements?  What do you do to make your day run smoothly?   I would love to hear anything pertaining to homeschooling.

  Please join the linky below with your post on a homeschooling topic!  Don't forget to add a link on your blog back here so that others can join in as well.  If your not a blogger, that's ok, just jump in on the comments below.  I can't wait to hear from you!

Happy Schooling!


Tara said...

Thanks for visiting my page and following! I'm following you as well :)

Bella Michelle said...

2 of my 3 children have used Abeka (in Christian School) and I have to say their foundation is fantastic and stronger than my other child who used another cirr. at another Christian School. My daughter who is in college is a shining example of how well it works!

Anonymous said...

I love Abeka for the younger grades. All three of mine have gone through Abeka phonics, handwriting and math from preK through 3rd grade. Well... I take that back. My youngest is doing Saxon. Which is good too, but not really colorful like Abeka is.

Now that they're a bit older, my 3rd and 5th graders are doing Abeka math and language arts, but we've moved to classical history/literature. We used Veritas Press' online history, which really freed me up to concentrate on everything else. With three, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. This semester (spring 2011), we're taking a break from online history and doing a unit study of Little House in the Big Woods. Just because of finances. It's fun too. But still structured and spelled out. I need that too! We're doing Apologia science (Astronomy) because it works well with a range of grades.

Cassandra is my big reader (10 years old). She enjoys Nancy Drew, Little House books, a new book she just started called "The Penderwicks", Elsie Dinsmore, Little Women, Heidi, etc. She also really enjoys (as do my 6 year old son and 8 year old daughter) the Focus on the Family Audio Dramas (Odyssey, At the Back of the North Wind, Ann of Green Gables, Little Women, A Christmas Carol, etc.).

I"m looking forward to looking around your blog more. :) Have a great week!


Jennifer @ Just Peachy in Dixie said...

I can't wait to check out some of the books that Cassandra has enjoyed. Thanks for sharing!

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