Friday, November 5, 2010

How do you load your dishwasher?

Hi all,
  I thought I would share with you today a household tip of mine.  Do you load your dishwasher randomly?  Do you just open the door, and land the dish, cup, or utensil in the first empty space you see? I'll admit, I'm a little OCD when it comes to my dishwasher. :)  However, there is a method to my madness.

  For instance, on the bottom shelf, I load my plates and dessert plates in an alternating fashion of big plate, small plate.  I don't know why I do this exactly.  I just feel like the big messier plates get cleaner when the smaller dishes are in between them rather than all the large plates together.

   I also keep all like bowls together.  Then, if I have a casserole dish I just put that in the extra space.

  Now, I'll move up to the top shelf and come back to the bottom in a moment.

  The top shelf is simple.  Coffee cups are all on one side.  Regular cups are in the middle, then child cups are on the other side.  Spatulas, and mixing spoons are put to the side or in between the cups.  I do this because, I have a smaller cabinet over my coffee maker where I keep all the coffee cups.  The regular cups are in another cabinet, while my daughter cups are kept in a low cabinet for easy reach.  It is easier to keep all the like cups together for easy, quick unloading.

  Now, back to the bottom shelf.  Here's where you might think....Hmmm....she wasn't kidding about that OCD comment.  :)  Each utensil has an assigned slot.  Do you think I've totally lost it yet?  Just hold on, and let me explain before you send me to the looney bin for homemakers who've cracked! I arrange the utensils from front to back in the order of my divider in the utensil drawer.  This makes for very easy unloading!  Just grab one section at a time, and put in the utensil divider.  No sorting each individual knife, fork or spoon to find the correct slot.  Anything that makes my day more efficient or fast is good in my book!

  So what do you think?  Crazy? or Brilliant?  ;)  How do you load your dishwasher?

Happy Unloading!



Stacie said...

This was a fun post! I have a dishwasher, but I don't even use it. I'm doing the dishes by hand...but if I used it, I would definitely consider your utensil suggestion. That makes sense to me!

Things Sent My Way said...

I am not allowed to load the dishwasher because I don't have a system! My husband and you could probably talk for hours about how best to load a dishwasher. You both are right, it's efficient - time and money saving.

Glad you've found me through the blog hop! Following back!

Mrs. Stam said...

wow you are doing a great job :-)

Jo said...

Hi, I don't have a dishwasher and now that my children are grown up I won't use one anyway. I quite enjoy hand washing my dishes, a quiet time to think.

free indeed said...

I use to do the utencils that way myself, but I found the spoons 'spooned' and didn't get clean cause they were resting inside oneanother. I was always having to rewash them. I like the big plate little plate idea...

Kim said...

I usually don't load the dw. My husband is a little OCD about how it should be loaded, so I just cram it in there, he reorganizes and we are both happy.

Martie said...

LOL you are funny I have OCD also and I load my dishwasher the same way. If you ask me it just makes sense!

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