Saturday, July 9, 2011

Crochet--Red and black Scarf & Hat

 Hi all,
  Don't ask me why in this Georgia summer heat I feel compelled to crochet!  It's crazy, I know, but at least we'll have some warm cozies when the winter comes.....sometime in December! :)

  I'm working on a couple of projects right now that aren't ready for pictures, so I pulled out these two that I had already finished for Christmas last year.  I finally made a hat that DH could actually fit into.  Yipee!  I just used the HDC stitch and played around with the yarn.

  I made a matching scarf as well.  I had planned to put on tassels, but I ran out of time to have it wrapped and DH said it liked it just the way it is.  I know he really did like it because he wore them all winter.

  He even boasted to some of my friends about my handiwork.  I was so proud! :)  

  Do any of you crochet in the heat of the summer like me, or am I the only nut?  What are you all working on these days?

Have a great weekend!


Thrifty Crafty Girl said...

I get the 'crochet bug' several times a year, no matter the season. I think if you enjoy doing it, you can do it year-round. Also, if you're making gifts for Christmas, you need to start on it early! Nice work!

Jennifer @ Just Peachy in Dixie said...

Thrifty Crafty Girl,
Thank you so much! I'm just really enjoying working with my hands right now. I've found crochet to be so rewarding! I've got a couple of afghans on my mind, but they require so much yarn! I may just have to break down and do it. ;)

Glad to hear from you as always,

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