Monday, November 7, 2011

Pam Cooking Spray Review

Hi all,
  I received a fantastic opportunity to review the New & Improved Formula  Pam cooking spray!  Now, I was thinking to myself....New & Improved, 70% better?  How can it get any better?  I've never had any complaints when using Pam in the past.  So, I was anxious to see this new formula put to the test.

  I was so excited when I went to the post office and got one of those cards saying I had a package too big to fit in my box. Love it when that happens!  It's like Christmas. :) graciously sent me a great package with everything I needed for the review.  It contained a free voucher for a full size Pam cooking spray, one free voucher for Hunts tomatoes, a recipe pamphlet, a Pam spatula, and a fantastic Pyrex baking dish. Woo Hoo!!

  I was asked to put Pam to the test.  Pick sticky ooey gooey recipes. Soooo.......I thought of my favorite go to pasta dish.....what I like to call a very simplified baked ziti.   Besides, it's my daughter's favorite, and she was having a friend over for dinner. :)  So, I took my baking dish and sprayed it down with the New & Improved Pam Cooking Spray.  Followed the back breaking (NOT!) recipe linked above, and popped it in the oven.  About 50 minutes later....
Had to use my own baking dish since I was making a double batch for company. 

  Look at all that cheese, tomato sauce, and pasta!!  Doesn't it look delish? AND sticky? Well, it was delish, but definitely not sticky!  It was a hit with my daughter's little friend.  I covered what was left and popped it in the fridge for leftovers the next day.  Nooowww, were talking dried hard pasta and spaghetti sauce right?!  WRONG!!

   Take a look at my baking dish after just spraying down with cold water, while I was letting the water heat up.  Then once the water got hot....

  Yep, JUST hot water!!! No rubbing, scrubbing, or soap!  I was amazed!  So then I proceeded with my soft dishcloth and dish soap, leisurely cleaning my baking dish, pretty much just enjoying the warm water. :)  Ahhh!! No, frustrating spots that I have to use my scouring pad on, rubbing and rubbing, breaking a sweat saying, "C'mon!!!! Grrrr!!!!"  

Just in case you need more proof....
Fried eggs, Look at that sparkling pan!
Baked Chicken!

  Once again, that is after just spraying hot water on the dish.  The rest came off with me gently rubbing off with my fingers under the running water.

  Needless to say....I was impressed and very pleased.  The Pam cooking spray is still my number one pick for non-stick cooking!

Thanks PAM for my free can of cooking spray! Click PAM Cooking Spray to download a $0.50 off coupon for the new & improved Pam Cooking Spray.

I hope you all enjoyed my review!

Happy Cooking!

Disclosure:  Thank you to Pam & who provided me with the package above with everything I needed for this review free.  The opinions are completely my own.


Ada said...

Did you do this for smiley360? I got the kit from them & have been unable to use the free can of hunts tomato's because all over it it says void. did you happen to notice if yours did to? It's just a free can of tomato's,but its driving me nuts cause i hate it to go to waste,but have no other option..btw great review!

Tracey said...

I'm a fan of Pam, too, so I'm glad to know that the new version is even better!! Anything that makes cleanup easier is a winner in my book!

Kenner said...

Pam ruined most of my baking dishes and pans. The baked-on, permanent residue caused by Pam, resulted in my giving-up cooking spray forever.

I think it's bad form that the makers of "New Improved Pam" bash the bargain brand sprays for precisely the problem that forced Pam to improve the product.

Just tell it like it is - we ruined your cookware, so we improved the formula. Knocking the bargain brands is brilliant marketing that also happens to treat consumers like dunderheads.

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