Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Save Your Wallet While Helping Save The Earth Tip #2

Hi all,
  With cool weather upon us and cold weather on it's way, I'm looking forward to curling up on the couch to a warm, crackling fire.  I've got another great tip to share with you to Save Your Wallet While Helping Save the Earth (if you missed the first one, just click here).  So, tip #2....toilet paper and paper towel rolls....the empty ones. ;)  You know we all have them.  Now I'm going to share three things you can do with all of those rolls besides just throwing them in the garbage.

Number 1:
 The most obvious choice...just recycle.  Toss them in your recycle bin.

Number 2:
  Take them to your laundry room.  Yep, you read correctly.  Toss them in a bag, tote, box (whatever will keep them nice, neat, and easily accessible).  I'm sure most of you know that lint from your dryer is highly flammable.  Which is why you should always clean out the lint between loads.  Take that lint and push it into that empty roll.  Keep adding after every load.  Once filled you've got yourself a perfect fire starter for that warm, crackling fire I was talking about!

Cha Ching!!!!  No more buying fire starter logs!  Or breaking your back splitting kindling.  

 I take this even a step further.  Once there's enough lint to plug the bottom of the roll, I go to our office.  Pull open the door to our shredder and stuff a pinch of shredded paper down in there.  Then I just continue the layering....lint, paper, lint, get the idea, until full.  The last layer is always the lint so that I don't have shredded paper falling out everywhere.

  This number  2 method keeps the rolls, lint, and shredded paper out of the land fills and serves a very practical purpose.  I love practical!

  Is this method not glamorous enough for you?  Well, I've got something great for you to use those rolls for that will glam your decor!

Number 3:
  This tip will appeal to decorators and crafters.  My friend over at Thrifty Crafty Girl has found a fantastic tutorial on how to use those empty rolls.  You know those expensive decorative metal scroll wall hangings?  She found a way (through another great blogger), on how to mimic those for just the cost of some glue and paint!

  Just take a look! 

 Can you believe those are toilet paper rolls?!  What a fantastic way to utilize something that is just going to be thrown away, and make it into something beautiful.  I LOVE that!  For all you crafters.....don't you love the idea of crafting without having to buy all the materials?

Another win win in my book!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed all my tips for those empty rolls.  Enjoy those warm fires!

Happy Recycling!

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Jan said...

Jennifer, I love all 3 of these ideas. I don't have a fireplace and recycle all my paper towel rolls and TP rolls. I think the wall art project is very cool. Thanks for sharing. Jan

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