Friday, June 20, 2014

Good morning all!
  I have decided to take charge today and stop putting off to tomorrow what I can do today.  I have gotten myself in a rut.  A BIG DEEP ONE!!  It's getting dark in here and I want out!  Today!  Just last night I was thinking.....of how many things I need to do, want to do, and just keep putting it off.  It's so easy to just plop on the couch and watch "a little" tv or do a little Pinterest browsing before you realize it's time to go to bed, and you still have a sink full of dishes, that now you must leave until tomorrow, when you are trying to rush out the door.

  Again last night while setting my alarm, I almost wedged myself deeper into my rut by thinking...."Tomorrow is Friday....I'll start getting up earlier on Monday."  I thought to I go again, putting things off.  When does it stop?  So, I decided Friday is a perfect day to get up earlier and write out a list of goals to be completed by next Friday.  Thought I might share it with you, and keep myself accountable. ;)

-Complete Flylady Daily Goals
-Get Caught up on coupon clipping/filing
-Make Menu plan for 1 week
-Plan grocery/drug store coupon shopping trips and complete
-Complete one craft project
-Write a minimum of 3 blog posts

  I figure I better make my list attainable and not get to over zealous, as I will be doing this while working a full time job, and homeschooling.  I can do this!  I can do this!  Anyone else want to do this?  It's always more fun to share goals/accomplishments and pat each other on the back! :)

  Now off to work on my list!  Wish me luck....

Happy Goal Achieving!

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