Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My wings need a tune up!!!! Day 1 of 31

Hi all!

  It has been three years and six months since I first posted my Flylady Series.  When I orginally went through that journey I was a stay at home mom.  Since then, I have gone from part time, to a full time position.  I have found that the schedule that once worked so well for me is just not cutting it these days.  I am once again behind on my homemaking duties and feeling very overwhelmed.  So.....I've decided that my wings need a tune up and my schedule needs tweaking in order to keep chaos at bay and my sanity in tack.

  I will once again be going through the baby steps in order to get back into a routine of the everyday things, and figure out a schedule for those other things that works around my full time job without completely depleting all my free time, or feeling guilty because I'm making free time when I feel like I should be cleaning.

  Today I was off work, so I started with cleaning my sink, which is day one of the Baby steps.  You can see my original post for this task here.  I love before and after pictures, so here is a picture of my sink before I followed the Flylady's suggestions.

Yucky muck in crevices and rust stains all around.  Couldn't wait to get that sink gleaming again!

Now onto the after pictures.......Drum roll please............

  No more brown, yucky stuff in the grooves.....

   No more rust stains........

  Just......gleaming bliss.........ahhhhhhh..........

  You may notice my sink looks different from the original post....this is not trick photography, or your mind playing tricks on you.....we just moved. :)

  One other thing that I will be trying to change since I started this journey over three years ago....I love it when we have dinner early enough that as soon as we finish eating, we throw our dishes in the dishwasher and start it so that while we watch a tv show together, read, or surf the net, the dishes are getting clean so that I can take five minutes before heading up to bed and emptying it so that it is all ready to be filled with breakfast dishes first thing in the morning.  This way if we just happen to hit that snooze alarm more than once (you know that happens!), I don't leave dirty dishes in the sink because I don't have time to unload the dishes from the night before.  Brilliant!!!

  Well, I hope that this post helps some of you who may like me, be needed a tune up on your wings and we can all be flying high again.

Happy Cleaning!

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