Monday, August 25, 2014

My wings need a tune up...Day 16 of 31

Good morning all!

  Today is all about keeping up with my habits so far and reading some inspiring emails from flylady.  You can read my original post on this here.  I really love how the Baby steps really ease me back into routines without overwhelming me with huge tasks each day.  This makes for a much more successful experience!

  So, off to enjoy a cup of coffee with my most favorite creamer (Peppermint Mocha....Mmmmmm!!!), read emails, tweak my inbox file folders so more, and finish clipping some coupons from yesterday.  I also have a couple of really great deals to tell you all about now that I'm getting back into my couponing again.  Will try to post that today as well. ;)

Happy Reading!


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