Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My wings need a tune up...Day 12 of 31

Hi all,
  My email situation is out of hand.....AGAIN!!!  Today, Flylady suggests that I delete all Flylady emails.  You can read my original post on this here.  As you will see, I have gotten into the same rut as before on this issue.  Good news......I have no unread Flylady emails.....bad news I have tons of emails that I just do not have time for.  Things I have subscribed to that I wanted to read, but just never get around to doing it.  So today I will take a deep breath and just delete, delete, delete.  I'm not going to look at anything, just get rid of it.   Every bit.  Then I will make it a 5-10 minute daily challenge to unsubscribe, organize folders, tweak email settings as the emails undoubtedly start flooding back into my inbox in order to only have my most favorite things I want to read coming in on a regular basis. 

  Who's with me?  Who's ready to declutter their inbox?  I can't wait!!

Happy Deleting!


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