Monday, August 11, 2014

My wings need a tune up...Day 6 of 31

Good Morning all!

  Today I will begin taking care of my hotspots again.  You can read all about what those are in my original post here.  My hotspots have changed since I first began my Flylady journey.  They tend to be in my kitchen table chairs, dinning room, or still on my night stand/dresser in the bedroom.  Flylady suggests to start with two minutes, but since I am not new to this, I will add five minutes to my timer each day to take care of these spots before they get out of hand.  You won't believe what just two to five minutes can do for that stuff that you sit down around the house.  It makes a world of difference to just quickly put those items in there proper homes. 

Here's a little tip: It also helps to put on a motivating song while you do it.  One to two songs and you've made a cluttered spot look much better!  ;)

  So, how are you all doing with the beginnings of your new routines?

Have fun cleaning those hotspots!! 



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