Sunday, August 24, 2014

My wings need a tune up...Day 15 of 31

Good morning all!

  I'm so happy to be on day 15!!  Just over two weeks in and the house is already smiling at me again.  Today I will be making sure to add making the bed to my daily routine.  You can read my original post here.  The minute I slid my feet onto the floor this morning I immediately made the bed.  The bedroom just doesn't look straightened up if the bed is all a mess.

  I read on Flylady that the bed is like the shiny sink of your bedroom.  This is so true!  It sets the tone for the room to be kept neat and tidy.  Once the bed looks so pretty,  I can't help but want to keep the dressers cleared off and clothes picked up to make the whole room look great.  Time how quickly it takes you to do this one little thing.  I'm telling will be amazed at how such a sliver amount of time will make such a huge difference.

Little Bedding Tip:  If you don't already have a spare set of sheets for your bed, invest in another one.  This way, when I strip the bed to wash the linens, I immediately put the fresh set on.  No waiting on the dirty ones to be washed and dried before making up the bed.

Another little bedding tip:  For those of you with babies/toddlers that still have accidents in the beds.....I used to make my daughters bed with the waterproof mattress cover and sheet, then put another waterproof mattress cover and sheet over that one.  This save me so many times at 2 in the morning to be able to just strip the first layer of wet sheets to the dry set already on. ;)

Have a wonderful day!


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