Friday, August 8, 2014

My wings need a tune up...Day 3 of 31

Good Morning all!

  It's day three and I'm proud to say that I have maintained my kitchen in all it's shining glory.  I have gotten straight up out of bed and into the shower now for two days straight.  I feel so accomplished!  Almost seems silly to be so happy about that, but I am!!  Anyone else out there want a big high five?

  Day three is about exploring Flylady's website.  You can read my original journey post for this day here.  I have read the Flylady site thoroughly, so today I will be taking some time to clear out my inbox......

  Yes, you are reading correctly.....that says 1843 emails!!  I will be clearing out and unsubscribing to things that I just don't either love or have time to read.  Then I plan to look for a nice book to read since I have some vacation time in the very near future.  

Happy Reading!


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