Thursday, August 7, 2014

My wings need a tune up...Day 2 of 31

Good Morning all!

  It was sooooo nice to come down to this.......

  Rather than this......

  I had also gotten the coffee ready before going to bed, so not only was my kitchen smiling at me but I had nice hot coffee freshly brewed just waiting for me.  AWESOME!!

  This morning, Day 2, is about not only maintaing the kitchen so that it doesn't get out of control, but getting dressed right away.  So as soon as my feet hit the floor I got directly into the shower.  I went ahead and did my hair and makeup so that I am ready for the day.  It feels great!  I have to say, that this is a hard task for me.  Sound weird?  Well, I normally like to get up, let the dog out, go pour my coffee, and "wake up" while surfing the net/reading emails, etc.  Before I know it, gobs of time has passed and I have to jump up, running around like a chicken with my head cut off to get ready while blasting myself for wasting so much time.  Not to mention that on the days I don't have to go anywhere I feel like I don't want to shower first just to get dirty cleaning, or working out (who am I kidding?? I haven't done that in ages either!!).  One thing I found is that getting dressed first thing, really wakes you up and gets you going.  It relieves the stress of running late (as long as you get up when you are meant to rather than hitting that snooze alarm), and prepares you for those unexpected emergencies that you are not dressed for.  You can always just hop in the shower for a quick, neck down spritz if you really work up a sweat cleaning. ;)  

  Now that I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things....some days I'll be posting other topics as well.  So stay tuned.....

Anyone else joining me for a wing tune up?

Have a great day!

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