Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My wings need a tune up...Day 7 of 31

Good morning all!
  Sorry I missed a post yesterday!  I was suffering from a terrible migraine and just couldn't stand the light from the computer screen.  So today I will be writing two posts to get back on track.

  Yesterday's step is to get your clothes ready for the following day.  I love this step!  You can read all about it in my original post here.

  I do have a couple of tweaks so far since my original journey 3 years ago.....

  First....I am hopping in the shower and getting dressed first thing before my Devotional time.  I have found that I am too easily sucked into surfing the net or dwindling time away if I sit with my cup or 2 or 3 of coffee first.  Before I know it, I'm running late.

  Second....I still have a hard time with running out of steam in the evenings.  So I have to get things done earlier or it just doesn't get done consistently.  With the suggestion of a friend, I have started getting my clothes ready for the next day in one or two ways.  I either go ahead and get the next days clothes ready right after I get dressed, or I do it in the afternoon after I have completed a load of laundry.  I'm already putting clothes away, so why not go ahead and pull out what is needed for the following day then?  I will also go ahead and get my unmentionables and put them on the hanger (just didn't feel the need  to post a picture of that ;) ) as well as picking out my jewelry for the day and having that out on my dresser ready to dorn (I plan to do a craft project to have a better place for my next day jewelry in the future).  I just hang my clothes back in the closet to be out of sight, yet ready to go.  Doing this early has made a HUGE difference in completing this habit consistently!

  My daughter is almost 13 now.  My how the time goes by!  She has really taken on a lot of great habits.  She now has an established list of her own that she does on a daily/weekly basis.  She also gets in a rut at times, but quickly decides to jump back on the wagon.  She can't stand chaos for long.  She much prefers a routine and things to be neat and tidy.  I'm so happy I started giving her responsibilities of her own so that good habits could be formed early.  If you have young children go ahead and give them a small task or two to do on a daily basis.  It will go a long way!  Make it a game.  Stand at your bedroom doors and say, "Ready, Set, Go," and see who can make their beds the fastest.  It doesn't have to look perfect, it just needs to be done.  The winner gets to pick dinner, a movie, or a game to play.  If your children are older.....have them ease into habits by doing the baby steps with you as well.  My daughter and I still will "play" the racing games now to make things more fun.....the stakes are just raised a bit.  Whoever loses has to swish n swipe (you will learn this later) the others toilet the next day or has to fold a load of the others laundry, or sometimes it just all in fun and the winner just has bragging rights. ;)  You get the idea.

  So, is anyone else out there tuning up their wings along with me?  How about any new Flylady's?  Leave me a comment and let me know how it's going.

Happy Clothes Prepping!


P.S.  Be sure to stop by Raising Homemakers and join in the link up where I shared a post.

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