Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My wings need a tune up...Day 18 to 31

Good morning all!

  Well, yesterday was a failure on getting to bed at a decent hour.  No fear of that tonight though, I do not like this feeling already tired and the day has barely begun.  So, today I will be reading Flylady's 11 commandments.  You can read the original post on this here.   What a great way to keep it simple.  If nothing gets done but this list, which includes the morning and bedtime routine that I have already established my house is in pretty good shape.  That always puts a smile on my face!

So, enjoy your day today and pat yourselves on the backs for jobs well done while you enjoy some reading time on Flylady.  By the way....I added a couple of tips this post on making the bed.  Hope you find them helpful.  ;)

Enjoy your day!


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