Saturday, February 26, 2011

Are you a Flylady? Series 19 of 32 (Reading on Flylady)

  Hi all,

  For those of you following this series....Welcome Back!  For those of you new here....Welcome!  If you're new, don't worry, you can read from the beginning of this series here.

If you've never heard of Flylady, you can read all about it here.  

  I have to tell you all that yesterday was a rough day.  I just couldn't sleep the night before, so it was a struggle to stay motivated.  It was easy to get dressed, empty dishwasher, make the beds and vacuum the family room, but then it was a crash and burn.  I'm amazed at the fact that those things have just become so automatic.  I don't even think of them as chores anymore.  I love how my house looks by just doing those things, so that's my motivation.  

  Because I have been so faithful with my to do lists, it was no big deal to just get those basic things done and stop.  I didn't have to feel exhausted from lack of sleep with the looming guilt of not cleaning on top of it.  It was just a relief to know that by checking off my lists daily, it frees me up to not worry about having to get things done on those days that you just can't muster the energy for lack of sleep or illness.  It's amazing how after experiencing that yesterday, it just motivates me to fully complete my lists today. 

 If you would have told me before I started this that I would actually enjoy cleaning, I wouldn't have believed it.  However, that is exactly what has happened.  The feeling of accomplishment after completing my list is so satisfying!  Now, I can do the things that I just love, playing a game with my daughter, watching a show with my husband, crocheting, or reading, without thinking I should be doing something else.  

  Today I'll be reading Flylady's 11 commandments.  Yipee!  Another easy day!  I just love how Flylady eases into the daily habits, so that I'm able to get used to doing one thing before I have to tackle another new habit.  So I'll be smiling while I get dressed, do my routines, remember to not get sidetracked, pick up as I go, concentrate on one thing at a time, not pull out more than I can put away, get that all done as quickly as possible, so I can do something to pamper myself, and laugh with my family.  

  Sounds like a great day to me!  Now I'm off to go do it.  I hope you all have a great day as well!

Happy cleaning,


Steve Finnell said...

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Tracey said...

I'm really enjoying following you on this journey! It's an encouragement to me to stay on task each day - and congratulations to you on how well you're doing! :)

Jennifer @ Just Peachy in Dixie said...

Thanks, it has been fun, and life changing. :)


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