Friday, August 15, 2014

My wings need a tune up...Day 9 of 31

Good Morning all,

  Sorry I was unable to write a post yesterday.  It was day nine of thirty one, which means I added on a five minute room rescue to my routine.  You can read my original post about this day here.

  I have a dirty little secret.....closets and armoires are my stash it and forget it spots.  My house may look all company ready, but don't go near a closet!  Seriously, you open that door and you might have an avalanche come down over you.  This can be so overwhelming for me to tackle because I just let these spaces get so out of hand.  I five minute room rescue (or 15 minutes,as you will read tomorrow) is the perfect solution for me to do a little at a time without getting so frustrated that I give up.

  As I said previously, I love before and after pictures.  So I'm pulling a picture of one of my previous five minute rescues.  The armoire above is not one of my worst hidden spaces, but it had so much stuff in it that I just didn't need or want anymore.  I decided this would make a great place for mine and my daughters craft supplies.

 It doesn't look so bad, but it was just stuff taking up space (drawers were crammed full of crap too).  Little by little I found a place for the few things I wanted to keep and proudly displayed it.  The other things were put into a box and taken to an auction for sale.  (I'll write a post about that in the future as well ;) )

 Now it has my crafting supplies nicely organized for easy access.  I have a lot more in there now, like my sewing machine, markers, material, knick knacks for future repurposing crafts.  Actually, it could use another good straightening up.  Will have to maybe make that my first rescue  so that it can once again go back to it's beautiful crafting glory.

  What space would you like to begin rescuing?  (If you have tried to comment and have been unable to....try again....I think I had my settings incorrect)

Happy Decluttering!

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