Saturday, September 6, 2014

My wings need a tune up...Day 26 of 31

Good morning all!

  Thankfully, Flylady knows how hard it can be to establish good habits.  So she has monthly habits each month for us to work on in order to get into a regular groove.  You can read my original post on this here.  At the time of my original post on this the monthly habit was different, but you get the idea.  This month I will be working on getting myself back on track with my bedtime routine.  I have found the doing these things as early as I can has helped, rather than waiting until I'm tired and ready for bed.  Too tempting to just say....ehh...I'll do it tomorrow.  Which inevitably start my day off mad at myself and in a rush.  I don't know about you, but I hate starting my day this way!  So, I will be diligent, I will succeed and when I don't....I will not give up....I will jump right back in the following night and that's ok!

So, anyone out there following along with my tune up?  Any new flybabies out there?  How's it going?

Have a blessed day!


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