Thursday, August 20, 2015

2 of 52 Weeks of Living Full!

Good Morning all!

  Week one down, and I was successful at checking off a couple of things on my original goal list. I pulled out my journal and jotted down a new Flylady schedule for myself that I think will be much more realistic with my current work schedule. You can see my original post in that series here.

Here's my new plan…subject to change as necessary…(tweaked even further before putting in this blog)

Daily (Sunday's will be beds, kitchen, Hot spots only)
~Make bed
~Clean/Maintain clean kitchen
~What's for Dinner?
~15 minutes tackling any Hot Spots
~15 minutes of Zone cleaning
~15 minutes of Decluttering
~Swish & Swipe
~1 Load of Laundry

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
~1 Hour Home Blessing (Wednesday Only)
A home blessing will consist of: sweep/mop, clean mirrors, clean purse, any Zone or Decluttering that can fit into the remaining time left in the hour

Tuesday, Thursday
~empty garbage (Tuesday)

  I think these cleaning goals will be much more manageable.  My house will stay in good condition, company ready in 15 minutes or less, which makes me very happy. :)  Having my home in much better order will allow me to do things I love guilt free.  Like this great free crochet pattern I stumbled across (searching with intent, of course)…..

Face Scrubbies for Prize Bucket at work
Hmmmm…..I think I need to add "more personal pampering" to my goals….as I am in desperate need of a manicure!

  Changing your lifestyle and/or bad habits can be a bit harder than expected.   While I did significantly cut down on the mindless web surfing and tv watching, I feel I could have done much better.  I'll highlight some successes from my original list.

Living full during my free time by…..
~Watching less TV (can do even better)
~Rearranging my Flylady cleaning schedule to better suit my current schedule (may need further adjustments)
~Spending more time outside
~Getting in fun exercise (ie: walking our dog, practice clogging with my daughter, seeing how many steps I can really squeeze in a day, etc.)
~Crafting (crochet, candles, repurposing, sewing, maybe something new) Already started others ;)
~Learning to make as many things possible all natural and from scratch (food, cleaning supplies, makeup, beauty products, etc.)
~Learning how to be more self sustaining (gardening, living off the land)

Hopes and dreams…..
~Become even more minimalistic (will post on how we made the decision to downsize out of want rather than necessity)
~Find a house on land and out of a neighborhood
~Have a nice size garden
~Have farm animals

  So all in all, not a bad start on this Living Full journey I'd say!  Hope you all had a wonderful week as well!

  Be sure to join in on the fun here where I shared my post…

Happy Full Living!

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