Wednesday, August 26, 2015

3 of 52 Weeks of Living Full!!

Hi all!
  Into week two of Living Full, and I'm getting better each week at reaching some of my goals!  I'm on vacation this week, so the cleaning schedule has not been followed exactly, but basic things are being kept up which is just fine with me.  We have definitely done more things outside this week!  We cleaned up the boat, and ventured out on the ATV in the 3500 acres of hunting land that is a stone's throw from our driveway.  Well, not literally a stone's throw, but we could easily walk to it if we wanted to. ;)  TV has hardly been on at all the past few days.  It is amazing what you can do in a day when it's not wasted away on mindless tv watching!  Even though we are on vacation, we have opted to not sleep in too late and have been out and about.  We are gathering gear for the hunting season quickly approaching and are looking forward to setting up our new camera for capturing photos of the wildlife nearby this week.  We recently saw an unbelievable picture of a large black bear captured on one of our neighbors camera.  As I mentioned previously…we live in a neighborhood with manicured yards, and kids riding bikes in the cul de sac, and it's amazing to think we have so much wildlife surrounding us that we have barely noticed due to our face paced lives!

  I have also had a chance to crochet some more dishcloths like these for the prize bucket at work……

  Well, off to enjoying the rest of our vacation.  I want to soak up as much family time as I can!  See you next week.

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Happy Living Full!

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