Monday, September 7, 2015

4 of 52 Weeks of Living Full!!

Hi all,

  So sorry for the delay on my mid weekly post!  Since my last post, I finished the rest of my vacation with more successful goal achievements.  First to report, there was I know for sure four….possibly….five days that the tv did not even get turned on.  Now, I did hop on the computer a few times but even those lapses were under an hour each time.

  Second, we had a great time spending time outdoors on our ATV.  We rode trails, had some fun target shooting, found a couple of great spots to put our trail cam and got some great pictures of deer, and turkey.  I really prefer being outdoors in cool/cold weather.  It's just much more comfortable, not to mention the cold keeps many of the scary critters away.  Which brings me to this story…..

  While riding along in our Rhino enjoying the scenery of the woods, spotting tracks, laughing while going over all the bumpity, bumps, we end up on a very narrow trail.  Lots of low hanging branches smacked the windshield while we leaned in toward the middle to avoid being smacked ourselves.  We had done this for three days off and on with no issues, only a few small bugs to swat away some of which were tiny little spiders.  Now I have to just say here….I am no fan of spiders!  They terrify me!  No joke!  So even the smallest of the small cause me to squeal with a quick swatting away to stomping them repeatedly to there death, with a few more good stomps and drag of the shoe just for good measure.  So again, we are just riding along smacking into limbs when all of a sudden I feel a thud on my forehead, and see something just like this……

Researched here...

Now just imagine it dangling from a silk thread from the rooftop of the ATV, swaying closer to my face from the momentum of the vehicle, splaying it's legs out in a defensive display of aggression!  I did what any rational thinking person with a severe case of arachnophobia would do….screamed bloody murder, and since my door was not an option due to the menacing, furry, eight legged monster, I chose to dive over my husband out the drivers side.  Yep, that's right….it was all out Dukes of Hazard style head first and out as fast as I could move!  My husband didn't even have time to put the brakes on from my clamoring over him.  The minute I hit the dirt he and I had to grab the ATV in order to keep it from continuing on down the hill without us.

  As a result I incurred some terrible bruises!!!!

  Needless to say, I had my fill with nature at that point for the rest of the vacation!  I'l be perfectly happy to not go out again until the cold weather hits and I see the creepy crawlies more rarely.

  On a much more mundane note…I was able to crochet some more.

 I love doing this!  My employees love them in the prize bucket!  It's a win, win. 

  We also made attempts to find a home on property to begin our more sustainable living.  We saw a house but it just wasn't The One.  The search continues.  I know that when it's meant to be we'll find our perfect little farmhouse on a nice piece of land. 

  Well, that's it for now.  I'll post again soon revealing what I accomplished in week five.  

Happy Living Full!


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The Eskimo's Wife said...

Oh my, those bruises look beyond painful. But I don't blame you one bit. I probably would have done the same thing under those circumstances. I love the colors on your crocheting. Especially that doily. Super pretty.

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