Saturday, March 26, 2016

23 of 52 Weeks of Living Full!!

Hi all,

  Just popping in for another update to my Happy Easter list.  You can read what my lists are all about here.  So far, I've posted two of the completed tasks.  Today I will update you on the 2nd "P."  We planned, and planted our garden! :)

Hunting hat still needs crocheting
Artistic craft with my daughter
  Today my daughter and I enjoyed some artistic time together by coloring in her adult coloring books.  It is really relaxing.  The adult coloring books are just about everywhere you look these days.  In all sorts of designs and themes.  We used a nice pack of coloring pencils in order to have some control for the small intricate spaces.

My before

  I chose a nice woodland owl for my coloring pleasure. :)

  Here's my daughters beautiful spring heart of flowers.  She was well into her picture by the time I thought about snapping our before pictures.

Post enough to get caught up on the Living Full series (behind 11 posts still)
Plan square foot garden (still reading the All New Square Foot Gardening)
  Over the last few days my husband, daughter and I have filled the beautiful raised garden box my husband built for us.

  We purchased 13 bags of this compost (since our compost bin is too new to have produced any of our own black gold).  This filled our 4 x 8 ft. bed up almost to the top and we had one extra bag left to add to our compost bin.

I never knew I would be so excited about dirt that I would want to take a picture of it.  I couldn't wait to start playing planting.   We bought 8 tomato, 4 yellow crockneck squash, 12 strawberry, 2 bell pepper, 9 broccoli, 2 cucumber and 12 lettuce plants.  

    I just love our very first garden!  I look forward to walking out in the backyard everyday to tend to our beautiful vegetables.  This is all new to us, so this will be a learning experience for us and lots of trial and error, but I think this will be a fun adventure!  
Yarn is very close to being all untangled, organized and made into balls ready for projects

Eliminate all clothing in closet that I no longer wear
Apron will no longer be my nemesis!!!
Sachets to be made with repurposed shower curtain
Try a new homemade cleaning or health and beauty recipe
Every piece of clothing hanging in the laundry room will be put in it's proper place
Read daily I've been reading everyday….a lot (not all) of the reading has been off the internet, researching how to's, etc.  I plan to add more time reading good ol' turn the page book in hand reading time as that is one of my most favorite past times.  

Happy Gardening!


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