Sunday, January 3, 2016

7 of 52 Weeks of Living Full!!

Hi all,

  Seeing as how behind I got on my weekly posting, I figure I'll post more often when I can in an effort to get back on track.  This month I have several things I want to accomplish on my journey to living full.  I'll list several of the things here, then post about each one individually as they come about.

  First, as you all may have read in previous blogs, I am a Flylady fan.  If you are not familiar with this you can read all about it here.  While I do fall off the wagon often, I try to just hop right back on.  I also have to adjust the cleaning goals/expectations as life/schedules in general changes.  With the new year upon us I have decided to get back on track with just making sure that my sink is clean, and stays clean throughout the day.  So, I did a nice thorough cleaning of my sink this weekend, and between my daughter, husband, and I we have managed to keep our dirty dishes in the dishwasher and clean stovetop and counters as we go.

    Secondly, I need to get down all of my Christmas decorations.  Since I have so many decorations out, and don't want to burn myself out by taking my entire off day working at home, I have decided to do this in stages.  Today my daughter and I took down our outside and family room decorations and they are now packed up and stacked away in the basement.

  Yes, that is a pile of laundry on the coffee table waiting for me to fold and put away.  Just keeping it real. ;)

  I gave the room a nice vacuum and lit a candle to give some warmth, since the rooms always feel so empty after taking down all the Christmas.

  Now for the outside before and after pictures….

Figured I would show the night shot, since that is when the decorations are the prettiest. :)


  That's good enough for me on the Christmas decoration take down for one day.  Will continue on another day with the rest.

  Third, I like to have fun when making goals for myself.  No matter what the goals are, cleaning, work related, recreational, giving to others, making a game of it puts a fun spin on it.  So for the month of January I'm going to make a list of things I want to do by using each letter in the words "Happy New Year!"  

Here's my list….

Hamper (determined to wash, dry, iron, put away all clothes and get back to 1 load a day)
Appliances in kitchen need a good cleaning
Prepare a meal that I can freeze for quick lunches.
Pup needs a bath
Yarn needs organizing

New recipe (daughter and I will have fun looking through cookbooks passed down from her great-grandmother--Love you, Nanny!  We miss you!)
Exercise with my daughter (join her while she practices clogging).
Wear my new stylish bright orange hat I plan to crochet for myself for hunting.

Yield a nice batch of homemade dishwasher soap
Evaluate and exile the dreaded unused kitchen supplies cluttering up cabinets
Apron (finish apron that was begun 2 years ago!)
Rest (I need to force myself to go to bed earlier, so that I can get up feeling refreshed and ready to go)

  It was challenging to come up with something for all these letters, but will be a lot of fun checking off this list. :)  I'll keep you posted as I complete things.  

  Fourth, I held a contest at work for my employees.  I will be working on crocheting a prize for the winner who is a big Green Bay fan.  Here's the yarn…

You'll have to visit again to see the result. ;)
   So, what do you have going on/planned in this fresh new year?  Feel free to play along with me and make a list of you own.  Would love to see your goals in the comments.

Have a great day!

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