Friday, January 29, 2016

11 of 52 Weeks of Living Full!!

Hi all!

  Yesterday instead of zoning out in front of the computer, my daughter and I opted to play a good 'ole game of Monopoly.  We love this game!  We play it so much that we have gotten quite fast at it.  My daughter and her grandpa have played up to 3 full games in an afternoon.  She even got Papaw the Hallmark Monopoly ornament this year to hang on our tree so that they can always remember all the great afternoons they've spent playing and laughing!  

  If you all could just be a fly on the wall listening to the friendly smack talk that goes on before, during, and after these games!  When my daughter approached me yesterday with the idea, it's never…."Hey, Mom?  Wanna play Monopoly?"  It's more like, "Hey, Mom?  Up to getting your butt sopped in a game of Monopoly?"  Of course I respond with a more mature comeback, "Bring It!!!"  

  Yeah, it's serious bragging rights around here!  So, I have to be a grown up and admit that my daughter kicked my tail yesterday……No worries though…..we have a tally sheet going……

  Mom 24 to Daughter 20!!! Oh yeah!  Uh huh!    Totally doing the cabbage patch right now!  So, what games do you like to play at your house?

Until next time!  Have fun with your family! 


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