Wednesday, August 3, 2016

30 of 52 Weeks of Living Full 2nd OHC this week!!

Hi all,

  Another OHC (One Hour Challenge) done this week!!  A One Hour Challenge is when I set my timer for one hour and see how much I can do in that time frame.  I literally run from one task to the next.  It blesses my home and gives me a good workout!

Here's what I completed…

Bedroom #1:
-Stripped bed and remade with fresh sheets
-opened blinds
-set out clothes for tomorrow
-put away a stack of clothes sitting on dresser
-vacuumed (also did the hallway and steps while I was at it)
-put away stuff on bathroom counter
-S & S mst. toilet
-wiped down sink faucet countertop and wiped mirror
-lit candle
-started load of clothes

Kitchen & Dinning Rm:
-put dishes in dishwasher
-started dishwasher
-washed and dried coffee pot
-washed and dried sink/faucet
-sprayed and wiped down countertops and stovetop
-cleared off kitchen table of knick knacks
-emptied out lunch box and put away
-dry swiffer'd kitchen, dinning rm, foyer and foyer steps
-put away stuff that has accumulated in dinning room chairs
-lit candle
-set out pork chops for dinner

-Vacuumed fm rm, bedroom #2
-stripped bed #2 and remade with fresh sheets
-opened blinds
-lit candle in fm rm
-turned on candle warmer in living rm
-fluffed fm rm couch, chair and folded blankets from last night's family time in front of boob tube
-put clothes from washer into dryer
-fluffed couch, chair in living rm from morning coffee/family time
-S & S'd guest toilet
-refilled pup's water bowl

Whew!  Glad that's done.  That was really a lot crammed in that hour!  That was a workout…now need a nice shower!!  Going to take care of that then off to fix some lunch and watch an episode of Lost with DD and the dog.  Woo Hoo!!

  Anyone else up for a OHC?  It's amazing what you can get done in that time!  If you don't have a solid hour, break it up into four 15 minutes increments throughout the day.  It feels great to bless your family and home this way!

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Happy Cleaning!


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