Saturday, March 5, 2011

Are you a Flylady? Series 26 of 32 (Reflection)

  Hi all,

  For those of you following this series....Welcome Back!  For those of you new here....Welcome!  If you're new, don't worry, you can read from the beginning of this series here.

If you've never heard of Flylady, you can read all about it here.  

  Today I'm just reflecting on what I have accomplished so far.  I'm looking back at what I have slowly added on as a daily routine. 

~Let Princeton out fill his bowls (if you haven't met Princeton you can find him in this post :) )
~Empty Dishwasher (usually done by the time Princeton is ready to come back in)
~What's for dinner (I figure while I'm in the kitchen, make sure I have something thawed) 
~Start a load of laundry
~Make bed
~Get Dressed
~Swish and Swipe

  Done in no time flat!  Many times I have this done before my daughter wakes up.  Then we can have our breakfast before we start school.  After I teach any new material, I start work on the Afternoon Routines that I have divided up throughout the week while she works on her seatwork/worksheets/reading.  Things like vacuuming, dusting, laundry, daily mission from Flylady in the current zone, etc.

We break for lunch, then go over her work squeeze in some more material if we're moving along smoothly or work on the things she's having trouble with if it's not.  I can then usually finish up my Afternoon Rountine.  Although, I have to admit the laundry is proving to be hard to keep up with.  Especially since I have been feeling poorly with a terrible head cold!  I've just got to keep working on that one.  :)

   Once the Afternoon Routine is done, I tend to have an hour or two (if I'm lucky), before I like to get dinner started.  Free time! Yipee!  Usually spent catching up with my husband and his day, while we watch something Tivo'd.  We like to eat dinner early around here.  This is good for me, because it makes it easier to clean the kitchen up afterwards if it's not too late.  So right after I'm done eating, into the kitchen I go to get that shiny sink!  Dishwasher is set to start 4 hours later after we've gone to bed.  More family free time!!! :)  Then up to go do the Bedtime Routine.  

~2 minute Hot Spot
~Check calendar/weather
~Lay out clothes for tomorrow
~Wash face brush/floss teeth
~Get to bed at a decent hour!

  Wow!  I can't believe how easy it has been to incorporate so many tasks into a regular day.  For those days that they don't get completely's ok.  I just look at all the things I did do.  It's a lot!!

  I can always just start all over the next day fresh.  It really feels great to know I'm establishing great habits, that just make my day run much more smoothly.  This was my ultimate goal to begin with!  I wanted to stop feeling like I'm spinning my wheels every day without making any headway.  I know at the end of the day, I have achieved many goals and that feels fine! 

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Johnnie said...

This is cool. I could use some discipline and time management. You have inspired me (especially when you mentioned it was easy to add these tasks daily)!! Thanks for sharing...

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